psychological distress can be called mental illness6

Do It Yourself Approach Mental Health And Emotional Well-Being

We should take the responsibility of our mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. We should try to do more for ourselves rather than assuming that the health care system will do this for us.

Throughout the history of human beings, they had to resolve most of their problems themselves without the support of health systems as we have today and they did a better job of it rather than what we are doing for ourselves. If you look at the history of the mental health business, you will be rather fascinated. Humankind has made great advances in the understanding and treatment of mental illness, but we need to understand that not all psychological distress can be called mental illness.

There is a difference between mental and spiritual healing

There is an entire range of things that end up disturbing people and interfering with the quality of their life, wellbeing, productivity, happiness and other areas. Sometimes challenges in life or tragic events cause these, while sometimes they are more of an existential or spiritual nature. There is a particular medical treatment to mend a broken leg, but you can possibly mend a broken spirit in the same manner.

Needless to say that we all come across the challenges and trials of life, where some situations temporarily knock us back in some manner. Maybe we develop depression or anxiety, which may not be of a clinical nature, or it is something which you can put your finger on like a sense of worry all the time, or be feeling that something is amiss. There are many aspects to such feelings and the life events that people struggle with is a long list.

Due to the fact that we have been taught that these are signs of weakness we are not ready to acknowledge anything with mental or psychological origins. We are unwilling to accept and work through them and hence end up suffering in silence or if we seek help we go to the doctor in the hope of a treatment.

psychological distress can be called mental illness6

Doing It Yourself

The main trouble is that overpsychologizing of life causes a state of helplessness when it comes to your own psychological or emotional well-being. No doubt mental illness does exist and sometimes it requires medical treatment during which time you should take the help of a medical professional. However, an entire spectrum is covered by mental health in which at one extreme there may be the necessity of medical intervention, and at the other end of the spectrum, there is much that we can treat ourselves.

So the idea behind the DIY therapy is that we do it ourselves. And how can we do it? The answer is simple, by eliminating if possible the threats to our mental and emotional well-being. Secondly, we need to incorporate into our lifestyle positive aspects like meditation, relaxations exercises, prayers etc. whatever appeals to us. With the incorporation of these techniques, a lot of unnecessary worry, anxiety and depression will leave our lives and we will have a better quality of mental emotional and spiritual health.

psychological distress can be called mental illness6

Chronic Inflammation Major Health Problems

Stop Chronic Inflammation To Prevent Major Health Problems

Whenever you sprain your ankle, scrape your elbows, or succumb to a bacterial infection, your body reacts the same way to all injuries – your immune system sends white blood cells to attack the pathogen and promote tissue and cellular repair. This process called “inflammatory response” is the body’s number one line of defence for survival.

What Exactly Happens To Your Body During Inflammation

Under typical conditions, the signs of inflammation are swelling, redness, warmth and soreness. The injury stays localized and eventually disappears as soon as the infection dies down and the damaged tissues are healed.

But often times, the body’s inflammatory response does not shut down, and instead starts releasing a continuous flow of pro-inflammatory compounds that spread all over the bloodstream and get distributed to the tissues wrecking havoc all over the body.

As Dr. Peter Libby, chief of cardiovascular medicine at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital says, “Inflammation is the main culprit in almost all chronic degenerative and lifestyle diseases including diabetes.” If this low-grade inflammation continues to simmer, it can cause heart calcifications leading to coronary diseases, trigger inflammation in bronchial tubes causing chronic asthma attacks, and damage tissues that can lead to abnormal cell mutation and become cancer.

How Do You Get Tested

A simple blood test can measure the c-reactive protein in your blood. A result of 1mg per liter is ideal, but results above 3mg per liter indicate high levels of inflammation. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that individuals who belong to high risk categories (such as those with a history of coronary conditions) should get tested regularly. However, most doctors strongly recommend this laboratory test to everyone who is concerned about their health. You can consult your doctor to know if you need to get tested for it.

How Do You Fight And Prevent It?

Of course, other than maintaining a good weight and a proper diet, there are certain anti-inflammatory foods that can help improve your body’s inflammatory response right away. Here are the top anti-inflammatory foods to include in your diet:

Turmeric – Usually used in many Indian dishes and in Ayurvedic Treatment, turmeric is a popular anti-inflammatory agent. It is the biochemical compound curcumin that is responsible for fighting chronic inflammation in the body. With the right amount of curcumin daily, it can immediately suppress pro-inflammatory enzymes in the body. Taking turmeric as supplement is known to be the most potent way of reaping its benefits.

Berries – Blackberries, cherries and blueberries are rich in flavonoid compounds that act as anti-inflammatory agents in the body. As berries are seasonal fruits, you can buy them in bulk and freeze them for later consumption. You can also include this in your green juice or morning smoothie.

Healthy Fats – Get rid of the trans fats and saturated fats. Instead, replace them with extra virgin olive oil, canola oil or flaxseed oil which are healthier options. Fats from cold water fish are also a great source of essential fatty acids (like omega-3). Fatty acids are needed to help prevent oxidative cellular damage which is known to cause diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Like turmeric, you can get them in supplement form. A good quality mercury-free fish oil supplement can be used in replacement to eating actual fish.

Vegetables – Unlike carbohydrates, vegetables do not greatly affect your blood sugar levels. For this reason, they are a great substitute to your source of healthy carbohydrates. Eating broccoli, kale, spinach, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, Swiss chard is safe and filling. If you are planning on losing weight, replacing your sandwich with a bowl of salad will help you stay fuller while receiving the same number of calories but with less sugar and fat.

Chronic inflammation is the silent cause of many major health concerns. One physical sign you can base on is abdominal fat. If you think your belly is larger than it should be, you are most likely already experiencing chronic inflammation. To prevent further health complications, you must ensure medical intervention, treatment and lifestyle change to protect yourself from deadly diseases.…

psychological distress can be called mental illness6

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psychological distress can be called mental illness6

Foods That Help With Mental Health

The type of food you eat can determine the health of your brain. If you want to boost your focus and mental acuity, you need to find the best diet or a good nootropic supplement. (Click here for aÊlist of nootropics) Here are some of the foods that are perfect for your brain health.

1. Avocados
Most people avoid avocados because they have a high-fat content but they are actually the healthiest fruits you can find. They contain monosaturated fats that keep your blood sugar levels steady as well as making your skin glow. An avocado contains folate and Vitamin K, both of which prevent blood clots in the brain, preventing any strokes. Additionally, they improve cognitive function such as concentration and memory.

Avocados are rich in Vitamin B and C, not originally found in your body but need to be replenished constantly. They also have a higher protein content and low sugar level than what’s found in any other fruit. The fruit has a creamy texture, the perfect ingredient for any smoothie and a perfect addition for fats in baked goods.

2. Beets
They are root vegetables that are very nutritious and perfect for boosting your brain health. Beets can reduce inflammation and contain antioxidants that prevent cancer as well as getting rid of toxins in the blood. They also contain nitrates that boost the flow of blood to the brain, allowing better performance. During tough workouts, beets will boost your energy and performance levels.

3. Blueberries
With a taste like natural candy, blueberries also improve the health of your brain. They contain the best antioxidants as well as Vitamin K, Vitamin C and fiber. Additionally, blueberries contain high levels of gallic acid, perfect for preventing the brain from stress and degeneration.

4. Bone Broth
If you’re having gut problems, bone broth is the perfect medicine. Additionally, it also boosts your brain health. It provides so many health benefits such as improving the immune system, overcoming leaky gut issues as well as food allergies and also improving joint health. Bone broth contains very high levels of collagen that reduces any inflammation in the intestines. Also, it contains important amino acids such as glycine and proline responsible for boosting your immune system and improving your memory.

5. Broccoli
Despite many people hating it, broccoli is one of the most important foods for your brain. It contains very high levels of choline and Vitamin K that keeps your memory sharp. Broccoli also contains Vitamin C and a lot of fiber that will improve your brain health accordingly.

6. Celery
Celery is one of the vegetables with the fewest calories but has numerous benefits, especially for the health of your brain. It contains very high levels of polysaccharides and antioxidants that prevent inflammation naturally. It’s perfect for alleviating any symptoms associated with inflammation such as irritable bowel syndrome and joint pain. It’s rich in nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, making it a great snack option for people looking to lose a little weight.

7. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has too many uses including being a cure for many ailments. Well, it’s also perfect for your brain because it is a natural anti-inflammatory. It works actively by suppressing any cells in your body that encourage inflammation. Coconut oil also improves your memory and also destroys bad bacteria that might be found in your gut.

8. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains flavonols with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They also reduce your blood pressure and improve overall blood flow to the heart and brain. Of course, not all chocolate is perfect for boosting your brain health. As a matter of fact, you need to find the darkest chocolate (at least that with 70% cocoa) possible, to get the best benefits.

9. Egg Yolks
Egg yolks contain choline in high levels, perfect for brain development for fetuses and pregnant women. They also break down bethane, a chemical responsible for producing hormones responsible for happiness. Of course, you need to keep a check your intake of eggs to avoid increasing your cholesterol intake. Additionally, egg yolks are the best sources of protein for your body.

10. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
It contains polyphenols, antioxidants that can boost your memory and reverse any degenerative diseases. Extra virgin olive oil also fights toxic proteins to the brain thus improving your mental faculties.

So these are some of the best foods to make sure your brain is working and its fullest potential. If you are looking for a list of nootropics that can further enhance your cognitive function then read reviews to see which you best fits your body type. However, Qualia by Neurohacker Collective seems to be the best fit for most body types due to their vast amount of ingredients in the supplement.…

psychological distress can be called mental illness6

Important Details About Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

A Two-year Associate Degree is needed for people who wish to be a physical therapy assistant or PTA. In the USA, there are more than two hundred licensed physical therapy programs. In order to be a certified physical therapy assistant, all the courses need to be taken out of a licensed program.

For A curriculum or faculty to get certification it needs to be licensed by the Commission on Accreditation, or even CAPTE. This certification ensures that students will get quality educational classes from qualified educators.

Getting Accepted to Your PTA Program

Having A high grade point average in high school can increase the applicant’s chances of being admitted to your PTA curriculum. It’s also very important to consider many mathematics and science classes as you can while at high school. Performing volunteer work at certain health care area is highly recommended since this also assists candidates to be admitted to the program.

Required Courses

Because Apps aren’t all exactly the same, there aren’t any sets of worldwide prerequisite classes which are necessary. But according to a survey done by the American Physical Therapy Association, many applications do need coursework in these disciplines: English, biology, general chemistry, chemistry, physiology, and physiology, Also, many applications require that students execute a particular quantity of volunteer work at a physical therapist assistant colleges.

Personal Factors

There are licensed programs available through the nation and Physical Therapist in Sugar Land area, it’s quite important to take into consideration each the different choices. The magnitude of the faculty as well as the expertise of the educators are significant considerations. Another aspect to consider is if the application has all the most recent training materials and materials.